The Velveteen Rabbit [DVD]


After the death of his mother, Toby Morgan is sent to spend Christmas with his strict grandmother. The boy seems destined for an unpleasant holiday — until he discovers an attic full of magical toys. The happy crew includes a prissy swan, an overeager horse and a lovely velveteen rabbit. The rabbit was left to him by his mother and, with its help, Toby might be granted his biggest Christmas wish of all.

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Toby Morgan is a young boy but feels the loneliness of his strict grandmother and increasingly distant father. His discovery of the "magic attic" offers a haven where he finds a stuffed rabbit his mom left him before she passed away. His tears transform the rabbit into a playful animated Rabbit and his amazing animated adventures begin. Rabbit's one wish is become a real rabbit someday, and Toby's wish is to have a happy, supportive family again. Through lessons learned with the help of a Swan and Horse, and the transforming power of love, both wishes come true.

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Michael Landon Jr.


Jane Seymour, Tom Skerritt, Ellen Burstyn

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